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How to Deal with a Fallen Tree

Storms are a fact of nature. They are inevitable. Wind storms, rainstorms, snowstorms – these things cannot be prevented. They can disrupt our lives and knockdown weak trees occasionally. 

Whenever a storm knocked down a tree on your property, the best thing you can do is to contact a tree service company that offers emergency tree removal.  

If it is your first time dealing with a fallen tree, here are a couple of things you should know: 

Who to Contact if the Tree Falls in the Road 

To limit the threat of someone getting injured by the dangerous tree, you need to block off or rope off the area if that place has road or foot traffic. Whatever you’ve got on hand is always better than having nothing. This bad situation will only get worse if another person gets hurt on your property. In addition to that, you should consider placing a sign on the doors inside the house. This will stop any person from forgetting and using the affected exits. 

Examine the Power Lines 

You have to check if the power lines are affected. Make sure you do this from a distance. It may be recommended to either unplug any expensive devices or turn off your power if the power lines really are affected. Nowadays, almost every modern electronics are surge protected. While this can be extremely helpful, it is still ideal to think about protecting your devices. You may want to contact the utility company as well to alert them to the problem.  

Contact an Expert 

Contact a local tree service company that offers emergency tree removal. The company will probably ask you for the pictures so they can examine the condition of the tree. Tree services that offer emergency tree removal should be able to send a professional in around 30 minutes to examine the damage. Whenever that individual arrives, they should be able to send the crew in around 30 minutes. They should be able to do this even on holidays or weekends. Extreme weather often causes these times to increase. Speed is a vital aspect of restricting water damage to your home’s interior. This is particularly true during the rainy season. 

Since tree service companies who regularly deal with these types of calls will typically bill your insurance company directly, you do not have to ask for an estimate. Usually, these companies charge an hourly rate. This is preferred since they take on the responsibility of collecting their fee from the insurance company and will only need your assistance in offering details to the insurance companies.  

If a company does not deal with the issue this way, they may offer you an estimate. Unfortunately, if the insurance provider only agrees to pay a percentage of the bill, this type of tree service company will not offer the service to you. Because of this, you will be left with the hard work of handling the tree removal and recouping the funds. That’s why you should always hire an emergency tree removal company.  

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Common Heater Sounds and Their Causes

Your furnace isn’t supposed to be noisy. It should not create a lot of sounds. If a furnace usually produces a lot of noise when people use it, then it will be obviously a lot difficult to sell them to clients. Though they are not completely silent, a properly working heat pump or furnace should operate quietly. The reason for this is that the process of moving or creating heat into your house should not necessarily involve any sound. Even an old furnace that is reaching the end of its life shouldn’t keep you up at night with loud sounds.  

Rather than attempting to deal with these sounds yourself, we are going to help you. We’re going to share with you some details as to what these sounds are and if you should be worried about them.  

If you do find issues with your furnace, do not hesitate to call a professional furnace repair in Spokane.  


Screeching sounds that are coming from your heater are the same as the types of sounds your vehicle may make. Screeching can be the result of a faulty belt that has to be fixed. Of course, it isn’t that big of a deal when you compare it to a booming or rattling sound that can become a safety threat. However, it is a huge deal in regard to the efficiency and effectiveness of your system. You need to have this belt fixed or replaced and have your heater serviced if you would like your furnace to properly operate.  


It will be extremely obvious not to worry about it if you would be hearing rattling coming from a bag of candy or children’s toys. However, rattling in equipment that isn’t supposed to be rattling is cause for alarm. Rattling shows that something is loose inside the unit. This is not really terrible at first. However, this can be extremely dangerous as time passes by since the possibility of your system breaking down is high. You have to get it repaired right away, whether it is a crack in the heat exchanger or a loose screw. 

Booming or Banging 

A furnace that’s booming can be suffering from an issue known as delayed ignition. This means that the gas that powers the heater is not igniting immediately and is coming out extremely slow. Because of this, gas will pool up inside and will eventually ignite in a tiny explosion. This is a bit risky since this tiny explosion can eventually crack the heat exchanger of the unit and cause flammable gas or carbon monoxide to leak inside your house. If you hear booming noises from your furnace, you have to deal with it right away by hiring a professional furnace repair company.  

Though these are not the only sounds that your heater can produce, they are some of the most popular ones and hard to deal with. As mentioned earlier, these issues can worsen over time if left ignored. Make sure you hire the right professionals right away. 

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